Sunday, January 15, 2006

Almost Famous

I was going back through my site and came across a couple of comments that weren't there the last time I looked. One, from Tarn, was on my first entry about Mechanical Turk, and pointed out that some among the burgeoning community of "Turkers" had stumbled across OaO. The post is this little narrative--first I'm super cool because I'm an insider. Then they realize that I don't actually work on Mechanical Turk (I don't know John Bravenec's name, or, in fact, what he actually does for Turk). In the end they conclude that I must be a "custodian." Ouch.


Eric Cranston said...

kpaul get's confused a (mechturkblog owner)

Anonymous said...

i tend to go in too many directions at once. ;)