Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where Am I?

Some things about which I didn't blog the last two months:

  • George W. found a post-hoc rationalization as to why he opposed stem cell research. He apparently thinks taxpayers shouldn't have to fund something to which they might object. Unfortunately, my computer ran into a deadlock created by intense irony as I was blogging, and I lost the entire post.

  • There was this article about a book which claims that String Theory is bunk (a belief to which I subscribe). It contains this musing:
    Modern physics is troubled by the anthropocentric character of the universe. For instance, had gravity been only a teensy bit stronger or weaker, planets and stars could not have formed. So, does the fortuitous value of gravity for planets and stars show that a higher power is manipulating physical law?
    But you read this blog (or at least you, you know, used to), so you are not troubled by such metaphysical questions. So I didn't blog about that either

  • Mita's ode to blueberries. It is undoubtedly the finest fruit-related blogging yet.

  • An existential crisis of indeterminate nature which caused me to think about taking a year off before entering the clinical phase of my acupuncture training. I'm still mulling that one over, so I didn't blog about that

  • Freedom From Blog continued to rock my butt.

  • The word "compromise" apparently means something entirely different than I thought it did. As I am apparently na├»ve about the ways of language and meaning, I didn't blog about that.

Those are just the things I can think of right now. This morning I decided that it was high time the first line of this blog stopped remarking about the fucking insanity of the Unabomber. So there we are.

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