Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hello again, again

Welcome to "The Odds Are One." Or, welcome back, if you were one of the three people in the universe who both found my previous blog and have followed me to the new location. After a move and brief delay (during which I became extremely married), I'm back with a new URL and new name. We've moved on. Keep up, people.

Disclaimer: This blog used to be called 'Porn*'. That URL was taken here in blogger-land, so I had to come up with something else. All references below to things porn and pornographic are to be ignored. I have repented and moved on.

Calvino: Frankly I'm glad of it. I found the whole thing pretentious and cloying.

The Stoat: Well, yes. Though you must admit the new title is equally opaque.

Calvino: I concede that point, at the same time worrying that the whole thing is going to be yet another ruse, itself too clever by half.

The Stoat: All will be revealed soon enough.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first portfolio review at the Wu Hsing Tao school, at which time they will look at this blog and...

Q: WHOA! Hold on there. What's with this "Calvino" and "The Stoat" thing?

A: Ah. Yes. That. I felt that the "Q & A" sections were becoming a little overloaded, in so far as they were really more of an exchange between myself and some imagined voice of critique or reason. In many cases, the Q's were not questions and the A's were not really answers. Hence I have replaced it with a dialog between 'Calvino' and 'The Stoat', a la The Tortoise and Achilles from Douglas Hofstadter's Godel, Escher, Bach. Q et A est mort. Vive Q et A.

Q: I hate you.

A: I know you do.

Anyway, we're up and running. If you're too lazy to read the rest of the posts (and, to review, I'm not here to judge you), in life I am an acupuncture student, and I started this blog to fulfill a requirement that I observe nature and journal about it. Tomorrow at my review, my school looks at this, and then gently reminds me that by, "observing nature," they meant that I was to OBSERVE SOME FREAKING NATURE.

To this I can only say, I agree, there isn't much about trees and flowers here thusfar. I would also say, in addition to the letter of the law, there's also a spirit, and the spirit seems to me to be a log of observation of onesself and ones surroundings. And, beyond that, the spirit is to ultimately become a better acupuncturist. That's the assignment I'm doing. I'm exploring the nature of the unverse.

Calvino: No you're not.

The Stoat: Yes I...er...he is.

Calvino: No you're not. I have read the entire thing and there's nothing about the nature of the universe in here. There are a bunch of allusions to the fact that this is what you're writing about, but there's nothing actually about it.

The Stoat: Read it again. The nature of the universe is in all things.

Calvino:I hate you.

The Stoat: I know you do.

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