Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Music Capsule Archives

  • SONG: Jagged Gorgeous Winter
    mp3 from Audiofile.
    video from YouTube
  • ARTIST: The Main Drag
  • GENRE: Alterna-pop/Emo
  • SOUNDS LIKE: Postal Service/Death Cab For Cutie if they were ten times more peppy and baroque and had the lead singer from Frankie Goes To Hollywood doing guest vocals. Also, the video seems to contain a yak of some kind.

  • SONG: The Last Song [d] [s]
  • ARTIST:Slumbering
  • GENRE: Pop
    Never before has it been necessary to describe and yet qualify a song thusly: "It sounds like Kate Bush, except weird." That time has ended.

  • SONG: Montesquo 5 [d] [s]
  • ARTIST: Zebulon Revisited
  • GENRE: Breakbeat
  • SOUNDS LIKE: Being in a dimly lit living room with 60's-mod furniture, shag carpeting, and pop-art on the walls. Possibly in Manchester. Or it sounds like Photek or Dirty Vegas or whatever.

  • SONG: Lights on(e) remix any old morricone [d] [s]
  • ARTIST: JulianC
  • GENRE: Instrumental; Industrial; Ambient
  • SOUNDS LIKE: The Cure circa Disintegration watch a bunch of Spaghetti Westerns, gag Robert Smith, throw him in the closet, and start sampling and looping. Also, they are stoned out of their minds and they have a harmonica.

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