Monday, June 02, 2008

Video killed the blah blah etc. blah

My birthday has lately passed and as a gift from Mrs. Transient Gadfly I received a video camera. Putting it to immediate use I have now combined the two favorite things of everyone in the universe: other people's home movies and music recorded in basements.

If, inexplicably, you know me and do not have this mp3 of mine yet wish to, you can download it here. It occurred to me while doing this that I recorded this song ten years ago. Ten f***ing years, man. Also, the fact that Apple makes movie editing software that is so incredibly easy to use that you don't have to read instructions of any kind to make a music video might make you think that designing user interfaces is easy. Apparently though, it is not.


alicia said...

My comment is cheesy.. I have heard that song before but the video does something to it that makes it even nicer. hmm. I need to explore that fandangled software you write about. very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hello, speaking of 10, or 20, years ago! =) It's been at least three since we've communicated--my magnificent daughter will be three next month. These have been the best of times, the worst of times, and I must be stronger for them as I am still very much alive. All the pics are at our (last name).com web site, and my email address now is bj@(last name).com. Fly by some time, okay? Your fan and friend, BJM