Sunday, March 02, 2008

It Came From 1977

The Odds Are One and The Calculus Affair are pleased to announce the release of bad quarto*, a ten and one-half song E.P. recorded for the 2008 RPM Challenge (which has, as will be noted by those of you possessing clever and new-fangled calendar-reading skills, just ended).

The full album will be released in approximately twelve lines of text. Here now is the advance single from the album. Click play. You know you want to.

The Calculus Affair quoteth now from our liner notes as regards bad quarto*:
This album is composed entirely of songs about or pertaining to plays by William Shakespeare. In addition to being The Calculus Affair's effort for the 2008 RPM Challenge, it is also an E.P. which heralds the release of a future album of epic scope: one song for each of Shakespeare's plays (37 or 38, depending upon whom you read). If you are a fan of The Calculus Affair, and you enjoy excessively long albums that sound like they fell out of 1977, keep an eye peeled.

And now, the long (for an entirely abstract and arbitrary definition of the word, "long") awaited (for a definition of "awaited" etc. etc.) downloadable mp3 version of bad quarto*.
  1. Duke Of The Stratosphere

  2. Every Day

  3. Bone & Matter

  4. Rude Mechanicals

  5. The Archer

  6. Prince Of Tyre

  7. The Mob

  8. Hell & Night

  9. Q.E. I

  10. Exit, Pursued by a Bear/Your Mother's a Statue

  11. Coda (Duke Of The Stratosphere)

This EP also comes with the fun built-in game, "Guess Which Play The Song Goes With." This game may or may not actually be fun. As with all music by The Calculus Affair, we remind you of the following: Unauthorized duplication is strictly encouraged. We hope you enjoy.


fronesis said...

The cover is pure genius! I'd seriously buy the album for that factor alone. Of course, since the album is free, I'm not sure of the meaning of my own claim.

Lilita said...

Wow, I can't wait for the songs inspired by the Henrys!

You will have to post the "answers" to your little built in game at some point, you know, but give us enough time to listen thoroughly first, of course.

And the baby is turning out to be quite the little music aficionado, so I will let you know his verdict as well!

Transient Gadfly said...

The cover is in fact the design on the face of the actual physical CD (of which only two copies currently exist) (because, of course, portable media is dead), but since nobody is ever going to see that, I made it the cover art as well. It is pretty genius (if I do say so myself).

This album in fact contains two songs for the Henrys. So there's, you know, your first hint.