Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Inquisitivists, Episode 0

This is a test of SketchCast (tip of the virtual white board pen to Jack's dad), which is a pretty freaking cool piece of technology. Speaking of people who are freaks: me. I am a huge one.

Still working out the kinks in the audio, sorry about that. Also, towards the end I say "fuck," so don't blast this audio in your workplace or nothing.


Lilita said...

This, my freaky friend, is freaking fabulously funny, saying "f***" notwithstanding. Genius = you

alicia said...

Jack's mom was freaked out by the blood. Jack liked it. the world is indeed irrational

Mita said...

Aw man. I discovered sketchcast about a week ago and I made this whole story about a giant fish eating me but who really just wanted to be my friend--and I was going to post it to my blog but then didn't.