Thursday, July 20, 2006

On Blogging

The Pew study on bloggers is out, and I have to say I find it particularly...un...illuminating. It turns out half of American bloggers...are. Men. The median age is 30. 99% of everybody writes some sort of vaguely personal narrative that only their friends read. Check. Check. And check.

Some time ago whilst I was having one of those spruce-up-the-blog moments, I decided that OaO is a philosophy blog, and went to some blog-cataloging sites and entered it as such. Every now and then, according to the site meter graphically represented at the right, somebody clicks through one of these links and arrives here (begging the question, who has a philosophical question that can only be answered by surfing through blogs?). This, along with the occassional click-through I get from folks who find me because I'm listed as an Amazon employee in the blog kept by the Amazon Web Services evangelist (which, yes, is his actual job title), is the only time anybody that I don't know (where "know" appears in pomo-indicative italics because these days it extends to people I have neither actually met nor conversed with directly. Love this modern age in which we live. No, really. Do it. DO IT!) happens by The Odds Are One.

Sometimes I think I should actually blog about, you know, something, because blogging seems to violate all rules of narrative. Or flow. Or something. Sometimes I think I'm getting there. But I never quite do.

Next: Philosophy!


Jordan said...

I have a better question. Who has a philiophical inquiry that *can't* be answered by surfing through blogs?

Rebecca said...

one: it's surprising to me that half of bloggers are men. that is, the rep is that it's a bunch of computer geeks (read mostly men) doing this, but really we all know that's not true. it is of course a largely first-world thing, and of a certain generation, but that's to be expected. and also not helped by India's recent moves to block sites. fun fun.

second thing: (or two, to be simpler) I'm anti-tag. too structural. even if you're undermining it. I'm all for google-like mishmash info that you pick through because you can, now, with the search engines and all. categories be damned.

I will say that you've undermined categories nicely with your pseudo-pomo-deconstructive ones. and my fave category is my sister's "shut up Rory" category. love it.