Thursday, June 22, 2006

Writing Begets Writing

    Come in to the V.U. on a cold Fall night,
    Blending with the crowd in my trench coat and a tie.
    Everyone will dance and we will rock and roll all night long.
    The Fellows are opening for Jon and Ken,
    Helping us to reach a state of teenage Zen,
    As cool as anything that I knew; I knew I was wrong

    And you always wanting everyone you know to be okay.
    Be okay.

    Follow you at night we go across Red Square,
    It's one in the morning and there's no one else there.
    Kneeling in the fountain, I hear your whispers in the dark.
    The viewing of the sky in telephoto lens
    Gave me the illusion we could still be friends.
    Now we've shaken hands, agreed to always drift apart.

    But I loved you so, even though you would already leave me,
    When you took a stand next to
    The Man Who Used to Hunt Cougars For Bounty.

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