Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unexpected Turn Towards The Post-Modern

Canonical List of Bands of Which I Have Been a Member*

  • Death Spleen (1990-1991)

  • The Egomaniacs (1991)

  • Nothing Obscene (1991)

  • Me, Him, and The Other Guy (1992)

  • Common Men (1993)

  • Juliet's Ankle (1994-1996)

  • ...a barren wasteland featuring several abortive attempts to go solo...

  • The Apostles of Pleasure (2002-2003)

  • Bedevere (2003)

  • ...barren wasteland redux...

  • The Unbeable Bareness of Lightning (name subject to change) (2005-present)

*Does not include collegiate a capella groups. To be considered an actual band, the band must have either made a recording or performed live in front of an audience. All bands eventually destroyed themselves due to clash of egos, arrogance, infighting, and/or disagreements about creative direction just as they were on the verge of their big break (except for Death Spleen, which disbanded after the lead singer tried to eat a microphone during a recording session).

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